How Technology Can Help Bridge the Skills Gap


Like many fields, the construction industry has a significant shortage of skilled labor. This means there are not enough workers to create roads, repair buildings, and develop infrastructure. One way to bridge this gap is through technology. Raising awareness of the need for tech skills and the opportunities for growth in construction tech-related roles can attract additional workers to the field.


Discover three ways technology can help close the skills gap in the construction industry.

1. Artificial Intelligence  

The increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) applications reduces the amount of time needed for project planning and construction scheduling. For instance, the preplanning and management algorithms can develop alternative schedule options to advise contractors on the optimal construction path. This helps gauge the proper size of the team and how long a workday should be for maximum efficiency. The employees are less likely to be overscheduled or injured from overwork, which may attract more workers to the industry.

2. Telematics 

Telematics solutions collect data from cameras, cloud-connected keypads, Bluetooth nodes, and vehicle trackers to track construction equipment health. This lets contractors know when their equipment needs preventative maintenance to stay in optimal working condition. It also reduces the amount of time needed to complete office work so contractors can stay focused on their workforce. Not having to stop to repair equipment increases the odds of completing a project on time and within budget.

3. Remote Inspections

Remote inspection technology involves an onsite worker streaming video of an object to be examined by an offsite inspector. This increases retention for seasoned inspectors who may be considering retirement. The ability to work remotely may be attractive to more senior inspectors due to increased safety, flexibility, and efficiency. For instance, there are no construction hazards when working from home. Also, the work can be done when it fits the inspector’s schedule. Additionally, the inspector can earn more money by completing more inspections in less time. This allows more time for experienced inspectors to educate and train newer inspectors.

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