What Does a Plumber Helper Do?


A plumber helper aids a licensed plumber with the installation, maintenance, and repair of plumbing in homes and offices. They also help install pipes, replace faucets, unclog toilets, install garbage disposals, and adjust the water pressure. If these tasks interest you, you may want to begin preparation to work in this field.



Find out the skills needed to become a plumber helper and how you can train for the role.

Which Skills Are Required to Work as a Plumber Helper?

Excellent dexterity and physical fitness, detailed knowledge of plumbing techniques, and a strong desire to learn are needed to work as a plumber helper. Advanced mathematical and mechanical skills, strong critical thinking and problem-solving, and the ability to handle high-stress situations also are required. The ability to read and interpret construction blueprints, communicate well, and solve problems is important as well.

What Are Some Responsibilities?

As a plumber helper, you may help pack and sort plumbing equipment for each job, locate pipe leaks and prepare the work area, and bring the plumber tools and buy equipment and stock when needed. You also might cut open walls and structures to expose pipes, install garbage disposals, and adjust water pressure values. Other tasks could include replacing faucet washers and toilet wax rings, measuring, cutting and threading pipes, and installing gutters, drainpipes and runoff systems.

How Do I Become a Plumber Helper?

A high school diploma or GED is required to work as a plumber helper. Completion of a trade program in an area such as plumbing technology, construction management, repair technologies, or air conditioning ventilation may be beneficial. As you gain work experience, you may want to take additional courses to expand your knowledge to qualify for more job opportunities.

Is There Job Security?

Since businesses and private residences rely on plumbers and plumber helpers to maintain proper sanitation, plumber helpers typically are in high demand. As a result, plumber helper jobs are expected to experience significant growth in the coming years. Plumber helpers who are knowledgeable about construction technologies, repair technologies, and construction management are likely to have even more career options and room for advancement.

Looking for a Plumber Helper Job?

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