5 Tips for Inexperienced Construction Project Managers



When you become a project manager, you take on additional expectations for performance and responsibilities. As you go through this learning phase, you likely want all the navigation help you can get. The more you know, the better you can adhere to safety and quality standards while finishing a project on time.


Implement these five tips to increase your success in managing construction projects.

1. Be Realistic

Since you want everything to go smoothly when you work on a project, you may be overly optimistic about the outcome rather than focusing on the facts. If a deadline approaches and you know you will not reach it, you might put in longer hours to try to get everything done on time. However, most of the time you will not reach your objective. Instead, be honest about the situation with your team, associates, and clients. Let them know as soon as possible when something will not be completed on schedule. Use your experience to create more realistic timeframes going forward.

2. Set Priorities

A small number of actions typically determine the majority of results for a project. As a result, you must know exactly when every task needs to be done and that it is done right in order for the project to be successful. Keep in mind that although you may feel the need to use your preferred skill to handle certain tasks, the reality may be that you need to focus on another area with more immediate demands instead.

3. Delegate

Starting out, you may feel the need to do everything yourself to prove that you can. This may include working additional hours to make sure your project is successful. Over time, you will learn that there simply is too much to take on all by yourself. You need to let your team members take on tasks to make your job easier. This increases efficiency and increases the odds of finishing the project on time.

4. Follow Efficient Work Practices

To determine efficiency, consider the amount of work that gets completed, the amount of time it takes to finish, and the amount of effort it took to complete it. Use this information to find ways to maximize the work being performed while minimizing the time and effort needed. The faster your team finishes their tasks, the greater the odds of completing the project on time and within budget.

5. Find Answers

Although you are expected to be a leader and take charge of situations, you will not have all of the answers all of the time. This does not mean you need to know everything. It simply means you are responsible for finding the answers. You need to rely on others to share information and provide input as needed.

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