Top Skills to List on Your Electrical Helper Resume


Keeping your electrical helper skills updated on your resume is important. When you are ready to begin your next job search, you will have less to do to prepare. Knowing the skills to include can make the process easier for you.



Be sure to include the following six skills on your electrical helper resume.

1. Mechanical Aptitude

Having a natural sense of mechanics means you are able to take things apart to see how they work, then properly put them back together. This shows you are comfortable with electrical work and can fix wiring and circuitry problems. You are able to troubleshoot, run tests, and carry out other diagnostic procedures to find what the issue is and fix it.

2. Mathematical Proficiency

Strong math skills help you complete electrical tasks. This includes the determination of how much material is required to finish a project and which size of tools to use. You can perform precise measurements and calculations of materials and processes to maintain safety get the desired results.

3. Analytical Thinking

Logical reasoning, training, and knowledge are required to solve electrical maintenance and repair issues. This shows you can find solutions when something goes wrong. You can independently analyze issues, recognize the strengths and weaknesses of potential resolutions, and decide the best course of action to take.

4. Communication

Your ability to understand both spoken and written information is essential. For instance, understanding work orders and writing a summary of the tasks completed ensures the job details were properly followed. This helps other technicians understand the methods used in case they need to perform a similar project in the future. Also, listening to what others are saying, asking appropriate questions, and clarifying your understanding of the issue are needed to complete the work. Additionally, you must be able to effectively communicate with multiple people at once through the writing of reports and blueprints so that clients, colleagues, and management understand the information.

5. Dependability

Your manager, teammates, and clients need to know you consistently meet or exceed expectations. This includes showing up on time, giving your all, and finishing the work in a reasonable period. It also involves being honest, quickly responding to emergencies, and appropriately handling requests.

6. Time Management

You must be able to effectively manage your and others’ time to complete a job as scheduled. Finishing tasks by deadline provides additional opportunities to take on new challenges.

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