Dealing with a Disconnected Supervisor


How your construction supervisor manages your team members affects everyone’s productivity. The way that tasks are completed impacts production, quality, safety, goal attainment, and the bottom line. This is why having a disconnected supervisor can be a problem. Without an engaged leader, you and your teammates are less likely to reach your daily objectives for a project. The longer this goes on, the more dissatisfied upper management will be. Fortunately, you can take action to help resolve this issue.

Discover four ways you can work through issues that may result from having a disconnected supervisor.  

1. Encourage Your Team to Protect Each Other

Ask your fellow team members to monitor each other’s safety. This includes paying more careful attention to what they and others are doing and making sure to use safe work practices. Since your supervisor may not be monitoring your team’s safety as well as they should be, take it upon yourself and your teammates to ensure everyone is protected throughout the day.

2. Monitor Your Team’s Work Quality

Remind your teammates to pay extra attention to the quality of their work. Your supervisor may not be as attentive as they should be as to how well the tasks are being completed. Completing quality work the first time lessens the odds of having to redo it later. This saves time and money and lets you move forward on the project.

3. Pay Attention to Your Team’s Productivity

Since you should understand your individual and team objectives for the day, do what you can to ensure everyone reaches them. This may involve checking in with your teammates on breaks to see where they are at and what they still need to do. Find out whether they have questions or need help with their tasks. Suggest they talk with your supervisor as needed to ensure the work gets done correctly and on time.

4. Focus on Problem Solving

When you notice or anticipate an issue, work to find a resolution. This may be an individual or team process. Use your and/or your team’s knowledge, skills, and experience to troubleshoot and find solutions. Be sure to talk with your supervisor for additional guidance. They may use this opportunity to reengage with your team and the project.

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