What to Focus on as a Construction Foreman


In your role as a construction foreman, your job is to ensure things run smoothly at a job site. This includes scheduling crew members, monitoring progress on a project, and overseeing quality control. Because your work involves supervisory responsibilities, a strong ability to plan ahead and lead others is needed.


The following are some areas to focus on as a construction foreman.

Preparation for the Next 2 Weeks

Plan what you need to have and do to make progress during the next 2 weeks. This includes determining the materials, tools, and workers required to finish the scheduled tasks. You will be better able to make clear decisions and secure the necessary resources while reducing the risks of rework, callbacks, and lost profits.

The State of Your Work Crew

Part of your job as a foreman is being responsible for the readiness of your construction crew. For instance, you need to position your crew members according to their skills and experience for maximum productivity. You also must ensure they understand their tasks and objectives, have the necessary materials and tools and are clear about their performance goals. Plus, you have to prepare your crew for the day’s challenges, monitor their attitudes, and resolve issues to maximize performance.

The Condition of the Equipment and Tools

Having equipment and tools in optimal condition increases the results of your construction crew’s work. For instance, you must request that leadership purchase the best possible tools and equipment so your team has the resources required to complete their tasks. It is your responsibility to ensure the items are regularly maintained and inspected, as well as correctly stored and handled. This teaches your crew to respect the tools of their trade.

Huddling Your Crew

Bringing your crew together on the job site at the start and end of each day is important. This provides time to talk about the day’s work efforts, safety reminders, and related issues. Your team also can share and develop their ideas and opinions for how the day’s tasks should be handled. Plus, you can address the day’s accomplishments, challenges, failures, and solutions to do better going forward.

Personalizing Your Messages

Be sure to clarify your intentions, needs, and expectations for each crew member. This involves knowing what your crew members like and dislike doing. It also includes recognizing how they adjust to others, learn, and prefer to receive feedback. Using this knowledge to tailor your interactions can lead to increased team performance, stronger personal relationships, and greater team motivation.

Mastering Construction Math

You must be able to accurately calculate your units of production to effectively schedule and use your crew members. This lets you order the correct number of materials for installation and determine the number of team members required to maximize productivity. Filling the requirements for the day’s work leads to better decision-making and reaching objectives.

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