Make Your Plumbers More Efficient with These Time Management Hacks


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Plumbers typically are task-focused. They know how long it should take to complete a project and work to complete it on time. This allows plumbers to move to other jobs throughout the day. Because your company earns more revenue as the number of completed jobs increases, it is in your best interest to increase your team’s time management as much as possible.

Implement these tips to enhance your plumbers’ efficiency throughout the day.

Keep Service Vehicles Stocked

Make sure your service vehicles have the necessary tools and products for each job. For instance, keep a standardized list available for your team to regularly reference. Also, make sure they restock the necessary items at the end of each day. Then, the next plumber should have everything they need to complete their projects.

Create a Daily Schedule

Give each plumber a daily list of jobs and the allotted times to finish them. Be sure to allow for adequate breaks and travel time. Also, include some additional time between jobs in case one takes longer than anticipated. Your plumbers may be able to arrive early for the next job, which is better than being late.

Schedule Breaks

Allow time for your plumbers to take breaks during each job. They need a few minutes to stand up, stretch, eat healthy foods, drink water, take a short walk, or rest. Relaxing the mind and body lets plumbers come back refreshed, engaged, and ready to continue their project. It also lowers the risk of mistakes and injuries.

Reserve Cellphone Use for Breaks

Implement a policy for personal cellphone use only during breaks. Making or taking phone calls, checking email, texting, or going online take away valuable time from a project. Also, because the mind has difficulty repeatedly moving from one task to another, it is harder to focus on the job and avoid making errors. Plus, the longer it takes to complete a task, the fewer jobs a plumber can complete for the day. This decreases their income and your company’s revenue.

Promote Ongoing Learning

Encourage your team to stay current on industry news, developments, and best practices. By participating in webinars, classes, or trade shows, they can learn new approaches to projects that save time and money. This may include new tools and technology you could invest in to increase productivity. Your plumbers can share what they learned to benefit the rest of your team.

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