Looking for Manpower on Your Construction Site? Here’s How Our Recruiters Can Help


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Since 2008, CCS Construction Staffing has served as one of the premier construction temp agencies in the United States. We provide reliable, qualified manpower to the construction trades. Our commitment to filling our clients’ and candidates’ needs means additional flexibility, greater attention to detail, and faster turnaround than with other firms.

Discover how the recruiters from CCS Construction Staffing can provide manpower for your next construction project.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

We provide skilled tradespeople ready to complete your construction projects on time and within budget. Every worker has been screened, interviewed, and thoroughly vetted. Because you work with the same recruiting team no matter where your project is, you explain your needs only once. Whether your work requires temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire workers, we have experienced tradespeople ready to start when needed. This helps minimize turnover, enhance safety, and keep your project moving on schedule.

Need Fulfillment

No matter where your project is located, you have a CCS representative ready to respond to your needs. You also gain safety-conscious workers with an 8-hour guarantee on manpower. Plus, we offer onsite OSHA instruction and 24/7 availability.

Quality Services

We can help you convert fixed labor costs to variable, increase job cost-efficiency, and eliminate administrative headaches. We also provide quick, easy access to quality manpower – even in remote areas – to meet critical deadlines and project milestones.

Recruitment Process

To ensure we hire only the best, each of our construction workers goes through a thorough hiring process. This includes a telephone interview, skills test, background and reference checks, drug screen, and safety test. Safety is our top priority.

Positions Filled

We provide workers for a variety of construction staffing needs. They include administrative assistants, carpenters, electricians, general laborers, millwrights, operators, pipefitters, pipe welders, plumbers, refrigeration techs, and sheet metal/HVAC workers.

Local Account Reps

Because we fill jobs throughout the southeastern part of the country, we likely have an account rep near you. Whether you need a tradesperson to fill in for a vacation day or a no-show worker, or you need help with a long-term project, talk with a local account rep to fill your staffing needs. Visit our website or call our corporate office to view our representatives.

Hire Skilled Tradespeople

Find skilled labor and construction manpower when you need them from CCS Construction Staffing. Learn more today.

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