Important Soft Skills to Look for in an Electrician


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Looking to hire a skilled electrician for your next job? It’s hard to know which trade will fit in with your team and get the job done right. If you’re looking at similar resumes and trying to determine how to pick the right candidate, try focusing on soft skills. Any electrician can meet the basic licensing requirements, but you want to hire a trade that goes above and beyond. Today we’ll talk about soft skills, those non-technical abilities that help employees to exceed expectations. These soft skills will help electricians be successful!


Every sort of scenario pops up for a skilled electrician. Whether you’re managing complicated commercial projects or a simple residential job, a great electrician knows when to wait it out and show perseverance. Patience on the job is crucial for those issues that require more than a quick fix. Critical thinking and patience come in handy when a complicated electrical problem requires precision and thoughtfulness. Patience is also helpful when you’re not the only trade on a job. Often projects are scheduled with back-to-back trades, and delays are common. You want to know that your electrician can show up reliably, but be ready to sit back until it’s time for their portion of the job to begin.


Your team will work well together if they can collaborate and communicate effectively with every job. That’s why it’s important to hire great communicators. New skillsets can be taught, but you need to hire someone that can practice active listening. Understanding directions is critical for trades on the job.


In addition to great communication, you need a team player when you’re screening potential electricians. Electricians may have to work with supervisors and other trades, plus assistants and laborers. They may even need to interface with clients and customers. A positive, collaborative personality will help any electrician be an integral part of the team.


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