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Finding a work-life balance can be hard, especially while working in the construction field. Physical, demanding, long hours can make you feel like the only thing that matters is the job at hand. However, burnout and toxic stress can be extremely dangerous. An employee facing extreme burnout or a breakdown is bad for themselves, their family, and their employer. This article gives workers suggestions on how to make sure they are finding a balance.

Mental Preparation

One way to quickly establish a work-life balance for yourself is to center yourself each day before you enter and leave your worksite. Create a routine where you can take a few moments during your commute to collect yourself and reflect on the day. You can meditate and do some deep breathing if that suits you, but really it’s about consciously transitioning from work mode to home mode or the reverse. Before you begin work for the day, think about the tasks you need to achieve at work in order to have a successful day. Make a list, clear your mind, and enter a headspace of productivity. At the end of the workday, clear your mind again. Make a note of the things you’ll need to tackle the next day if needed, and then prepare yourself for rest. If you carry the day’s stress with you after you’ve left, it’s impossible to recover to prepare for the next day.


When you have a late-night shift scheduled, be sure you don’t have back-to-back gigs. You don’t want to get stuck on a job all night long and accidentally plan a 6:00 am shift the next day. If you manage your own schedule, picking up gigs when you can, make sure you don’t overload yourself by taking too many shifts.


On your off time, make sure you are prioritizing being off. Doing physical labor on construction jobs can be absolutely exhausting. Don’t undersell the importance of rest and recovery. If you’re feeling the physical impacts of construction work, recovery is important to continue to give your best each day on the job. Muscles pushed to the brink are bound to snap. Time off should focus on giving yourself an extended break, both mentally and physically.


We Can Help You Manage Your Career

For more tips on how to effectively manage your construction career, contact CCS Construction Staffing. We’re experts in the field and can help you strengthen your skills and find great opportunities near you. Reach out today to get started.

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