How To Diversify Your Construction Workforce


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New blood is exactly what your team needs this summer. Hiring for construction can be challenging if you’re not open to new options. The status quo doesn’t serve your organization. This article will explain the benefits of diversifying your construction workforce & give tips on how to accomplish this.



Educate Your Current Crew

Creating a more cohesive environment with your current staff by providing professional training and education regarding the importance of a diverse workforce. This serves two purposes:

  1. Enhances the strength under understanding coming from your current employees
  2. Helps build a workforce supportive of fresh new talent

Diversifying your recruiting strategies can be challenging, but it’s important to note that great candidates will only be willing to join an inclusive team. Diversifying strengthens your existing team and appeals to potential hires.

Extend Your Candidate Pool

In order to bring in new recruits, you need to widen your options. Diversifying your staff means pulling prospects from new areas. This can include the following recruitment strategies:

  • Improve salary/benefits to entice veteran workers
  • Extend your geographic search radius to branch out
  • Establish a presence at local schools to show younger adults the benefits of a career in construction
  • Use new avenues, such as social media or in-person recruiting

Job Posting Refresh

Not only do you need to look in new locations to diversify your workforce, you also need to expand your hiring tools. One of the top reasons recruiters are finding stale talent and lackluster resumes? They’ve been using the exact same job posting for the past decade. It’s time to totally revamp your descriptions. If you truly want to prioritize a diverse workforce, you should use that sentiment to lead you in writing a new job posting. Revisit your company’s mission and vision, and think from a candidate’s perspective. How can a candidate fit into those ideals? How can you change your message to attract fresh perspectives? Once you’ve got an innovative new posting, share it across the internet to cast a wide net and gain the candidate pool you’re looking for.


We Can Help You Diversify Your Workforce

For more tips on updating your workforce, check out CCS Construction Staffing. Our experts have a massive pool of candidates with experience in a variety of professional disciplines. To connect with our staffing services, contact us today.


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