4 Ways to Upskill Your Construction Workforce


CCS Construction Staffing - 4 Ways to Upskill Your Construction Workforce

Staff Up for Summer! The construction industry is absolutely booming, and you want to make sure you’ve got a terrific workflow for a full sequence of summer projects. One way to improve your workforce is to upskill your existing team to fill in gaps and improve overall productivity. Upskill your construction workers with these four suggestions!


1) Connections are Everything

Are you already overwhelmed thinking about how to upskill your workers? It’s simpler than it seems! Often your workers will express ambitions that you can confirm, or you can utilize your professional network. Reach out to your connections to ask for advice when it comes to helping your employees succeed. There may be a contact you have in a similar industry that can offer an internship, or maybe a previous boss can help you set up a training program. Stay in tune with your professional network, especially on LinkedIn and other social networks so you are always in the loop.

2) An Educational Culture

Create an atmosphere of proactivity when it comes to workers expanding their knowledge. Most bosses oversee an annual OSHA training and call it a day. To encourage growth, you want to go above and beyond. If you see relevant trainings, webinars, or conferences, always pass that information along to your team. Consider issuing a monthly professional development email to keep it at the forefront of your teams’ minds. If you can afford it, invest in the education and certification of your staff members so they know you value their careers. 

3) Cultivate Long-Term Thinking

Take some time to talk with your employees about their future career goals. If you don’t have time to schedule meetings with every worker, find time to chat with them while on the job. You can determine if they’ve got upward mobility options within your organization, or help them create those professional goals if they haven’t finalized their ambitions yet. As a manager, you want to connect great workers to great jobs, so find ways to encourage growth here.

4) Use Your Team

No time for hand-holding? Delegate! A great way to create career growth for your employees is to install a mentorship program. Senior and junior employees can get paired up to learn what strengths and weaknesses they need to focus on for their next step. This is also a great system to foster overall collaboration in the workplace.

CCS Construction Can Help Upskill Your Team

Employers need to upskill to retain great talent. Check out CCS Construction Staffing’s website today to learn how you can help make a difference in your team’s productivity.

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