How to Speed Up the Hiring Process for a Construction Job


CCS - CCS- How to Speed Up the Hiring Process for a Construction Job

Hiring can be so frustrating, especially when you need new talent immediately. Holding up a construction project for lack of staff can really damage your timeline and your budget. Streamlining the hiring process will make sure you don’t miss out on the best candidates. Here’s how you can speed up your hiring process!



The Application Process

When it’s time to fill gaps in your workforce, you need to quickly advertise your opening and make sure it’s clear and enticing. To gain the biggest pool of candidates, you should guarantee that applying for your job opening is easy. Whether you are hiring for one position or one hundred, you should maintain a spreadsheet of the role and its specific job duties in order to keep everything straight. If you’re having trouble filling a more specific type of position, offer a signing bonus or a training program that gets you the candidates you need.

Managing Applicants

Using a streamlined application system is the key to keeping your process organized. Your database should be able to maintain records of who you need to hire and who has applied. We recommend a full database that can track interview scheduling, candidate strengths, and other crucial details because it will benefit managers in the long run. If you’re hiring for one role and hiring a great fit that has to drop out or leave the position six months later, you can refer back to your database to contact others that made the final cut.

Team Up With Us

Seek out CCS Construction Staffing to really elevate your hiring experience. Not only can we connect you to qualified, pre-screened laborers and trades, we can also expedite your entire process. Our experts can conduct pre-screening, do background checks, and sift through resumes rapidly. Learn more about the exact steps we take to pair you with great talent for your next construction project. Contact us today to get started.

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