How to Stand Out as a Woman in the Construction Field


CCS- How to Stand Out as a Woman in the Construction Field

Making a great impression is important for anyone in any profession, particularly a woman in construction. There’s a lot of masculine energy in the industry, and you may be wondering how you can set yourself apart from the field. Whether you’re looking to climb the ladder or just make a positive impact, these are CCS Construction Staffing’s top tips on standing out as a woman in construction.


Make Your Mark

Women in the construction industry tend to stand out, for better or for worse. Let it happen! You may be tempted to minimize your differences and blend in with the boys, but that won’t play to your advantage. Your difference is your strength: your unique perspective adds to the diversity of the workforce. Let your involvement be your trademark. 

Be a Friendly Face

Don’t shy away from spending time on the site as much as possible. To gain respect, you need to show up and be willing to get dirty. Your credibility will be fully based on your reputation, your presence at the construction site, and the effort you put forth in completing your list of tasks each day. Volunteer for the tough jobs to show you’re a strong candidate for the next great gig.

Build Partnerships

Women need to forge strong connections when working in construction. You never know when you’ll need intel from a peer, or to lean on a mentor. No one succeeds truly alone – you learn from your mentors and grow with your colleagues, so dedicate time to building your network throughout your career. Specifically, prioritize being a guide and a mentor to others. Seek out women early on or late in their construction career depending on your status, and build a relationship to be a proactive positive influence.

CCS Can Help You Make a Great Impression

If you’re looking for more ways to make a great impression as a woman in construction, contact CCS Construction Staffing to find great job opportunities and career resources.

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