Beat the Heat at the Construction Site this Summer with These 4 Tips



Summer is here, and that comes with many advantages and disadvantages, especially in the Southeastern US. When the weather warms, construction gigs are more pleasant – until it hits 90+ degrees. Here we’ll talk about how to keep your energy up and beat the heat when working construction gigs:



1. Dress for the Heat

Maintaining minimal skin exposure is the best way to avoid overheating, as well as sunburn and even sun poisoning. There are a few different methods you’ll want to try to keep yourself safe. First, always remember a hat and SPF. Sunscreen makes a difference, and don’t forget to re-apply! Additionally, stay covered with lightweight clothing that protects your skin, such as a thin long-sleeved tee shirt. A hat and sunglasses will keep you focused as well.

2. Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself healthy in the heat requires frequent check-ins, and it is crucial to prevent dehydration. Grab a giant water jug to keep with at all times on site. You want to be regularly sipping to keep yourself hydrated or grab a sports drink to boost those electrolytes.

3. Schedule Accordingly

If you can, try to to the brunt of work outside of the sun’s peak hours. The more you can avoid the sun’s direct rays or a high-temperature situation, the better off your whole crew will be. Consider saving the more exposed tasks for early morning or late afternoon hours, or ask your supervisor what strategic planning can work for the job.

4. Maintain Coverage

When possible, stay shaded. Staying cool is all about protecting yourself from the elements when you can, although it won’t be possible on every job. Sometimes a trailer or vehicle will be available for you to cool off, which you should definitely take advantage of. Find shade wherever possible when you’re not actively completing a task to minimize your exposure.

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