Active Listening: The Secret to Better Hiring


As the world adjusts to post-pandemic life, more managers are re-vamping the way their company operates. If you are just like these leaders, looking for ways to improve or even re-build your processes, you may want to begin with your hiring routine. If you’re used to skimming resumes and saying yes to anyone that checks off boxes, there’s another way. Here’s how you can employ an effective strategy to higher smarter.

What Is Active Listening?

Active Listening is the practice of truly hearing your recruits and interpreting their communication. When someone speaks with you, provide your full undivided attention. Listen to their words as well as their intonation and body language. Listening requires more than one sense, and you can practice it by rephrasing what you’ve heard to show understanding and even empathy.

What Should I Look Out For?

Interviewers tend to be inflexible. But asking the same prepared questions of every candidate will get you the same recruitment results you’ve been seeing. If you want fresh talent, you’ll need to switch it up. Your ultimate goal should not be to get the interview finished so you can move on to the next one – it should be to truly listen and assess. Try open-ended questions that allow for some creativity and relationship-building to help you accurately learn more about an interviewee.

Candidate Communication

Listen to your candidate’s answers, but also practice active listening during your candidate’s questions. When a job applicant asks questions, truly listen to the subtext. What’s the message behind their questions? Are they trying to assess the company culture, or are they indicating hesitancy? Even if the applicant isn’t a good fit for the role, you can gain intel from their responses that can help you hone your hiring process for future candidates.

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