Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Entry Level Positions


You don’t want to get stuck doing grunt work, but you’re tired of searching for the right role. As a job seeker with some experience, you may be tempted to overlook entry-level positions. However, we’re here to show you the reasons you need to resist this impulse. Here’s why an entry-level position may be just right for your current situation:

Gaining Experience

Whether you’re new to this type of role or not, every position offers a new experience. You will encounter a new kind of worksite or office environment. You’ll also learn more about a company’s organizational structure, like who reports to who. This can be valuable information if you want to find a job higher up with a similar employer. With some experience in an entry-level role, you’ll be familiar with the right messaging and protocols that are typical in the industry.

Transferable Skills

Even at entry-levels of the company, you can gain transferable skills useful in your next role. You may learn something specific, such as commonly-used industry software or soft skills that employers seek. Almost every job requires a little customer service, and there’s no better way to gain traction in this ability than in an entry-level role. You may experience some tough days, but you’ll learn what to say and how to say it, a coveted skill even at the C-suite level of professional organizations. Additionally, your attitude is one of the biggest measurements of success in an entry-level role. When you are new to an organization, you can make a strong impression with your approach when your employer isn’t familiar with your skills. An outgoing attitude and open approach will help you set yourself apart from other entry-level recruits. Hard skills can be taught, but soft skills will get you a promotion.


If you want to gain contacts in a particular industry, taking an entry-level role is the fastest way to do so. Having your boots on the ground on a construction site, for example, will give you access to other laborers as well as trades, project managers, estimators, and more. Be open to connecting with peers at all levels – you may hear about your next construction gig from a coworker or project lead.

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