Watch Out For These Red Flags When You Read Job Descriptions


2021 Job Seekers know the challenges of the current job market. Some companies and still executing layoffs; others are desperate to fill out a short-staffed crew. How can you secure a job that you feel confident in? As someone looking for a new position, you may not know what to expect. The best way to tackle a varied job market is to look carefully at job descriptions as you apply. Not sure what to avoid? Here are four red flags you should be aware of when seeking a new role.


If you read a job posting that lacks clarity, it’s usually a big indicator that the company lacks a clarified vision as well. If you can’t tell what the posting is looking for, or the requirements are contradictory, it may not be an ideal job. A job posting may reveal a lot about the company culture if you can read between the lines.


Mistakes happen, but several errors in a job posting can indicate some negative traits. It can indicate a lack of attention to detail and care that may mean a poor workplace.

Compensation: Varies

Ambiguous language about pay can mean low compensation. If you don’t even see a salary range on a job posting, If you are interested but are nervous about the rate of pay, reach out and ask before you apply to make sure it’s a good fit.

Repeat Posting

Have you noticed the same job post pop up multiple times over the past few months? This can be a big red flag indicating frequent turnover in that role. While some industries see more shifts, you want to be wary of a position or company that needs to re-hire again and again.

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