How A Staffing Agency Can Save You Time On Your Next Construction Project


While we have seen massive changes in the workforce after 2020, staffing agencies have continued to recruit. Despite slowdowns and shutdowns, a top temporary staffing service like CCS Construction staffing does not skip a beat. If you are responsible for construction hiring, here’s exactly why you need to team up with a staffing agency to effectively recruit for your next construction project.

Time is Money

First, let’s talk about the importance of focusing on that hard-to-manage resource – time. Many managers are concerned about their bottom line and try to cut costs by decreasing hours or changing materials. However, one of the number one ways to lose control of a construction project budget is time lost. Preventing time lost is a far more efficient way to keep costs low on a construction project, because trades will never want to sacrifice quality to meet the bottom line.


Maintaining a strict schedule is important to stay on task, so make sure you’re proceeding according to the original timeline as much as possible. In your original construction bid, make sure you’ve carefully analyzed your timeline to prevent any scheduling mishaps down the line. Your estimation should be a carefully educated and researched submission, or you risk a disappointing calendar down the line. Time management also includes enforcing high standards for your trades. When scheduling, make sure you have reliable staff planned for each shift to maximize efficiency.


When you plan and execute a full orientation process for your new hires, you’re making a serious investment. Many construction managers have experienced the frustration of taking a week to get a recruit up to speed, only to have them quit the next day. You’ll never have to experience that disappointment when you work with CCS Construction Staffing. We take the guesswork out of hiring reliable workers that will stay the course and assume all of the responsibility of vetting candidates to save you time.

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