In-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs for 2021


Looking for a position in 2021? You are not alone. There are many job seekers trying to find the right position, which is why it’s so important to narrow your focus. Identifying the right skilled trade job will give you a great pay rate but will require higher expectations. The need is projected to increase throughout 2021! Here’s how to use that to your advantage and grab a new position as a skilled trade.


Becoming an electrician isn’t easy, but it’s certainly a worthwhile road. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a median income among electricians to be 56,180 per year or $27.01 per hour. Whether you’re a salaried electrician or you are paid by the hour, you will make a great living without a college degree. Most electricians have a high school diploma and technical training, which you can get through an apprenticeship program or technical school and require licensing. Check out our blog for more information on the pathway to become an electrician.

Construction Occupations

Looking to escape a low-paying 9-to-5 position at a desk for something a bit more interesting? A career in construction may be just the thing you need. Although some industries had to decrease hiring and even perform layoffs in 2020, construction work is still in high demand. You’ll see job openings throughout the Southeastern US with a variety of roles, from unloading materials and assembling barriers to managing traffic and assisting contractors. As a skilled construction worker, you will perform a variety of different tasks during a construction project. This is likely what you’re looking for if you’re tired of monotonous jobs and remote work.

HVAC Technicians

There is a huge need for Heating and Cooling Experts in the Southeast region. With many retiring and stepping down, there will be plenty of job opportunities as an HVAC technician. Candidates should have a high school diploma and proof of completing a training program through a vocational school or community college and then getting certified. Present a potential employer with your certification and experience to secure a coveted skilled trade position.

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