7 Essential Soft Skills for Construction Project Managers


Project management in the construction industry can be a hard gig. If you’re up to the task, it’s about more than just creating schedules and maintaining safety standards. To find a position, you will have to demonstrate important soft skills that construction project managers need to be successful. Here’s what you should expect to display in an interview with a potential employer:

1. Listening

Taking an active role in requesting and sharing feedback is a key part of construction project management. Employers want to see that you can take a step back and wait to speak just as you would when listening to a subordinate on the worksite.

2. Leadership

Construction workers get the job done, but construction project managers are responsible for the next level of execution. Think about your leadership style and how you can grow as you manage a team.

3. Communication

Knowing how to share your message effectively will make you an ideal construction project manager. Be prepared to communicate in multiple styles to accommodate different preferences, from a bulletin board to walkie talkies to modern phone apps.

4. Positive Attitude

To get the job, show an employer you can motivate a construction crew. Construction is serious work, but high morale is important. If you can inspire a team, you’ll be a preferred candidate.

5. Critical Thinking

Problem-solving without your supervisor is a crucial skill in the construction industry. If you’re out on the job, you may not have immediate communication with your superior. Thinking on your feet will save you in many situations.

6. Open to Diversity

Employers are looking for managers that are open-minded and can work with every type of person. This isn’t just about race or ethnicity – project managers in construction must be ready to collaborate with people of all skill levels and ages as well.

7. Conflict Management

Issues are bound to come up on the job, and it is your job to mediate them. A great team can manage squabbles without the boss intervening, but problems will often escalate to your level.

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