10 Ways to Save Construction Costs at Work


1) Material Cost

Create a spreadsheet where you can track the item and price per quantity. This will make it easy to remember how much of each material you need. Additionally, you can compare prices all in one document to see which supplier will be the right choice. This can be extra helpful if you’re not ordering online. You’ll also want to buy in bulk wherever possible to lower costs.

2) Communicate Efficiently

Efficiency is everything on the construction site. And time is literally money when you’re managing a job. Your construction crew needs to work smart – arriving early where possible, with a clear concept of their duties of the day. This can happen through a specific, reliable communication plan. Consider a massive job board on-site with individual assignments, or emails the night before.

3) Accurate Estimation

You don’t want to begin a project with a flawed plan. Make sure your bid estimate is air-tight. Mistakes in estimation will lead to a huge percentage of revenue loss. The last thing a construction manager wants is to cut into their profit because the original math was wrong.

4) Trade Management

Simply making sure you solve the puzzle of managing your trades can be costly. If you make a scheduling mistake between the plumber and the electrician, you’re going to have to circle back. This will likely result in lost wages and more hours coming out of your project budget. Look carefully at your list of tasks and make sure you’re covered accordingly.

5) Simple Mistakes

Human error. While there’s no such thing as a perfect job, avoiding simple mistakes will save you money. You can avoid these by communicating clearly with your crew and hiring effectively – make sure your recruits are productive and prepared.

6) Purchase Quality Gear

Investing in good quality equipment will always pay off. If you’re working with materials and tools that are stripped or frayed, you’ve got huge problems. First, your workers are in danger. Second, they don’t have what they need to get the job done. Third, you’ll have to keep replacing those cheap substitutes.

7) Try Rentals

Looking for a specific tool or special equipment? Save money by renting. If you’re only operating a piece of equipment once a year, you don’t need it in your arsenal. Sell it and invest that profit into tools for everyday use to strengthen your productivity.

8) Weather Issues

Inclement weather or even natural disasters are a construction project’s worst enemy. It may be more cost-effective for you to spend money on some insurance to get you through tough times. In the long run, you’ll wish you had coverage.

9) Time

Delays on a project can seriously impact your budget. A construction project manager needs to schedule accurately to get the job done. Time management skills should be on point. Lay out a full calendar from Day 1 to total completion and double-check your work. Confirm your trades and laborers before the work begins to avoid a no-show situation. If progress isn’t happening, investigate immediately to stay on top of the plan.

10) Manpower

Ensure you have the right trades and laborers by working with CCS Construction Staffing.

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