How to Get the Job if You Have No Experience


You’ve seen the job postings that require years of experience: what if you just don’t have it? How are you supposed to gain experience when every job requires some? If you’re looking for tips for job seekers that want to get their foot in the door in your industry of choice, here’s our best advice:

Transferable Skills

Whether you’re new to the workforce or you are switching industries, your resume matters. You need to transform your past experience into industry-relevant attributes. For example, if you were a lifeguard at your local pool, that won’t sound impressive to a construction site manager. However, think about the skills you gained in this position, and your performance on the job. If you performed this job four summers in a row, you’re reliable and you’ve developed the ability to multitask. Reframe your limited experience to fill your resume and show a potential employer that you can hit the ground running.

Creating Connections

To stand out without former experience, you need contacts. Networking doesn’t have to be fancy – you can talk to people in the industry, contact a company on LinkedIn, or even just publicize your job search on your social media pages. Making people aware of your job search only maximizes the probability of you securing the role you’re looking for.

Do Your Research

One thing that sets applicants apart in an interview is knowing your stuff. Experienced job seekers will brag about their credentials, but will forget to investigate the company they want to join. An employer will be impressed with a job applicant that knows the company’s mission and goals. Take some time reviewing the company’s website, or talk to a current employee if you can to add some extra preparedness to your candidacy.

Start A Conversation

If you’re struggling to obtain experience, our office is ready to help job seekers. CCS Construction Staffing works throughout the Southeast United States to pair new hires with the right role. Our hiring experts can help you find the perfect entry level position. Contact us today to get started.

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