Use These 6 Apps to Track the Productivity of Your Construction Workers


Are you feeling the burden of the pandemic as a manager? One of the primary ways you can feel this is in the productivity of your team. These days, your employees will really benefit from accountability to stay focused on their tasks. Here are our top seven productivity apps to help monitor your team for a successful 2021.


Divide your many tasks among projects in this app that allows you to sort your to-dos in an organized way. If you’re tired of one long paper to-do list, this is the next generation of task management. Omnifocus is available on all Apple devices.

Daily Route Tracker

For traveling workers, the Daily Route Tracker can help you manage names, arrival and departure times, and other pertinent details through the app. If you don’t want the hassle of technologically tracking independent drivers or a full fleet, try the Daily Route Tracker.


If you operate in a construction or a warehouse setting, you and your entire team should use Scandit to quickly check barcodes in order to remain efficient. Any inventory management needs to be modernized, and Scandit supports it. You can use this app to track and manage materials while sharing that data across platforms when needed.


When you wonder why a project isn’t done, and you hear overlapping arguments about your workers waiting for someone else, monday is the answer. This tool can help you specifically designate roles for each person, with progress monitoring at each juncture. You’ll always know who you’re “waiting on” with monday.


Looking to take your inventory management to the next level? Try EazyStock. You’ll be able to source information on what you have in stock and send it straight to the cloud to prevent any miscommunication with their integrated tool.


To manage multiple bookings with clients or coworkers, download BooksyBiz. It will clarify your calendar and allow you to select slots so you can easily make appointments on the go. Time is money, and with this clever tool, you won’t be wasting any time.


Curious about how smooth your operation is? MotionMeter tracks efficiency by monitoring steps! You can help your team succeed by identifying time-wasters and restructuring busy spots or dead zones to maximize productivity.

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