How to Get Your Forklift Certification


Are you looking for a way to set yourself apart in the warehouse or industrial industry? To add an eye-catcher to your resume, you need to obtain your forklift certification. This accomplishment shows employers you are responsible and proactive in the industry and can help you land roles that require forklift operation. Here’s how you can obtain your certification


The primary thing you need to get your forklift certification is to complete an OSHA forklift certification course. You can find a certification training program at many different locations like forklift companies or community colleges, there are likely multiple options near you. Find a local spot that offers first-time certification. Make sure it is an official OSHA training so you can confirm your certification. The training classes will cover forklift safety, OSHA rules, driving techniques, and maintenance. The 6-8 hours of coursework will be delivered via lecture, video, or written material. Once that’s complete, you’ll take a written exam where you need to achieve a score of 75% or higher.

Skills Test

After successfully completing the exam, it’s time to get some training under your belt. You’ll demonstrate your skills with an experienced trainer. The trainer may ask you to perform a number of related tasks to show your forklift abilities: navigating, operating, and safely retrieving items. They will evaluate you and pair it with your exam score. Successful candidates will receive official certification!

What’s Next?

Once you’re certified, your journey isn’t over. You’ll need continuing certification because you’ll lose your credential after three years without renewal. You should also consult OSHA frequently to see if additional learning can benefit your forklift abilities in the future.

We Can Help You Use That Certification

If you’re ready to put your new forklift certification to the test, it’s time to find the right position for your professional standards. To identify your perfect job quickly, utilize the job boards from CCS Construction Staffing. We offer dozens of great roles for warehouse and construction candidates throughout the Southeast US, so contact us today to get started.

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