Interview Questions to Ask to Find the Right Supervisor


Identifying a great manager when you’re hiring is no easy task. Bringing in a new recruit to manage your team requires careful balance and review of an applicant’s credentials. Your interview is the best time to assess how strong a candidate’s leadership skills are. These are the top three most important questions that employers should ask candidates to see if they are right for the job. These speak specifically to those seeking construction/warehouse supervisor positions.

How Would You Solve Conflict?

Ask a potential new supervisor how they would deal with turbulence on the team. Whether you’ve got professional differences or personal drama, this new recruit will be expected to manage the issue. Someone without a strong answer to this question may not be able to handle managing a construction or warehouse team. Asking this can help give you an idea of the interviewee’s empathy and ability to manage different personality types.

What Makes A Great Supervisor?

This question may bring on some bragging, but it’s worth asking. From asking this, you can probably assess their leadership style and how their experiences with leadership have impacted their methods. Their skills as a manager will be apparent. They might even give an example of how they’ve controlled a tough work situation in the past.

How Do You Promote Teamwork and Success?

There are two huge components of a staff – how well they work together, and how good their overall performance is. An interviewee can use this question to show core critical thinking skills. They can also show you how a construction or warehouse manager creates clear roles for their employees with concise communication, or how they promote a cohesive and positive company culture.

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