Here’s Why You Should Consider Working 2nd or 3rd Shift


Are you ready for something new? The right job opportunity may be waiting for you, without you even noticing. Expand your perspective: we’re discussing the benefits of workings 2nd or 3rd shift. especially with remote schooling and other uncertainty due to the pandemic

Accommodating New Challenges

During the pandemic, so many changes have resulted in a completely new normal for everyone. Many adults are managing instruction with remote schooling for kids, or other uncertainty. Working a new shift can offer you timing that works better for your needs, especially if you need to be there for your family.

Sleep In

It may seem trivial, but you may be someone that really benefits from a later schedule. Not having to wake up with the sunrise or an early alarm? Might be just the thing to help you have a better day. Night owls will definitely benefit from a schedule that helps them work during their more productive hours.

Skip The Commute

In many major urban areas, you may be looking at a 2+ hour trek just to get to the job. If you’re tired of public transport or sitting in traffic, a 2nd or 3rd shift role can immediately alleviate these frustrations. An alternate shift allows you to make the most of your time and devote it to your work, instead of being stuck on the highway during rush hour.

Pay Advantage

You will often find that 2nd and 3rd shifts gain offer extra cash, what’s known as a “shift differential”. This is additional income is offered for the “inconvenience” of a different timeframe. If you’re looking for a position in your field and you’re flexible, you may be rewarded with a bigger paycheck.

Contact Our Team Today to Get Started

Interested? Check out CCS Construction Staffing today. Our staffing professionals offer a job board that sources dozens of local opportunities, which can help you determine which 2nd or 3rd shift role might be right for your abilities.

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