5 Best Staffing Practices for 2021


After a rough 2020, we’ve learned to adapt the hiring process. There are new hiring techniques, new interviewing processes, and changes in onboarding and day-to-day work. We’re here to talk about the best staffing practices for 2021.

1) Rethink the Resume

If you’re truly looking for the best candidate for the job, you need to eliminate any “zero-tolerance” language from your operations. Seeking an experienced construction worker? They may not have a typo-free resume. Instead of looking for a great cover letter, look for experience. Be practical about what you need from a candidate. In this industry, you likely want to review a candidate’s resume, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor in your recruiting decisions.

2) Improve Your Process

Whether your hiring pool is large or small, reviewing candidates can take up a lot of your time. Make sure you’re expediting the process in any way you can. If you’re hiring for entry-level construction workers, ditch the cover letter. Don’t waste time for yourself or your applicants on hurdles that don’t accurately help you determine the right fit.

3) Use Your Resources

Have you ever had to tell someone, “we’re not hiring right now”? Best practice is to keep their resume on file for when you need a new recruit. Hopefully, you can tap into that to find prospects. You may also want to work with your existing team to help you source talent – often, your workers can refer friends or family. A recommended candidate is likely to be a welcome addition to your staff.

4) Reach out to passive candidates

Finding the hidden gems in your candidate pool may require some extra digging. If you want to crack a new level of talent, try identifying and contacting passive candidates. These are individuals that are currently employed but are seeking new work, for example. Reaching out on LinkedIn can help you find new candidates instead of reviewing applicants that don’t meet your standards.

5) Work With CCS Construction Staffing

Our staffing professionals can help you identify the best potential candidates in your field. Connect with us to tap into a pool of potential hires eligible to start immediately. To learn more, check out our website today.

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