New Year, New Career: Here’s Why Now is the Best Time to Start Your Skilled Construction Job Search


January is a popular hiring month, and there are many available skilled construction trade jobs available. These positions are essential during COVID, so you can rest assured you will have the opportunity to find the right position for your talents. Here’s why now is time to seize your moment and find the right skilled construction job.

The Wrong Time

The hiring search isn’t just about your needs – if you want to find the right position, you need to think about the overall job market. The worst times to look for a position are:

  • The Holiday Season – Companies typically are overstaffed and don’t need additional workers. It’s also probably not in the budget during this time.
  • Summer – Employers aren’t hiring in the summer because construction companies typically slow down at this point in the year.

The Right Time

Being a job-seeker in January is good news. A new year typically aligns with employers setting new goals that require additional manpower, or the new year may align with a new budget. Momentum is everything, and to find the right role for you, it’s important to prioritize your job search. You may also see an influx of job postings because of new COVID precedents. If you want options, start your job search today.

The Time of Day

We’ve talked about when during the year you should search the job market, but let’s get even more specific. Many companies update their job boards and advertise opportunities early in the work week. Schedule time for yourself on Mondays to seek new postings. It’s also likely that employers will make these updates during the late morning, so time it right if you want the quickest opportunity.

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