7 Reasons to Work with a Staffing Agency


Are you looking for a new position? Trying to find the right job in this market can be more than a challenge. To gain access to new job leads and increase your chances at landing the right role, you may need to partner with a professional agency to aid your search. Here are our top seven reasons why a job seeker needs to consider working with a staffing agency.  

1. Learn The Industry  

When you’re trying to break into an industry, specifically seeking something like construction, a practiced project manager will be able to spot a newbie right away. When you work with a temporary staffing service, they can help fill you in on some of the jargon and how to impress a supervisor.  

2. Save Time  

A job seeker knows how much time is spent on the process —applications, phone interviews, in-person interviews, and waiting for that coveted job offer. If you want to expedite this journey, a temporary staffing agency can take a peek at your application materials and quickly link you with an appropriate opportunity.   

3. Inside Look   

One thing recruiters have that applicants do not? Inside information. If you want the down-low on who’s hiring, what the company culture is like, and how you can get an appealing job offer, you need to work with a staffing agency.  

4. Expertise  

The knowledge you can gain from a temporary staffing firm is unparalleled. Not only will you get leads on great gigs, you’ll also learn how to be a better applicant and employee. CCS Construction Staffing can review your resume, evaluate your skills, and show you where you need to improve to get the job.  

5. Instant Relationships  

While there is a chance at securing a relationship with a company during a networking event or through a friend, temp offices offer an instant connection with multiple organizations, specifically in the construction industry. A staffing agency has a recurring, consistent relationship with their companies, so they can offer a rotation of job openings with insight on the employer.  

6. Stand Out  

Filing job application after job application can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t hear a response from hiring managers. It can feel like shouting into the abyss if you don’t have connections to job opportunities. You can set yourself apart from typical applicants by teaming up with a staffing agency.  

7. Personalized Process  

If you lack expertise in a certain area, partnering with a temporary staffing firm will give you a new perspective. We can transform you from a faceless applicant in a pile of resumes to a pre-approved shoo-in candidate for a great construction gig. 

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