10 Interview Questions to Ask to Find the Best Construction Candidates


To determine the best fit for your construction crew, you’ll want to get enough valuable information on potential new hires. Let’s talk about the top ten important interview questions that employers should ask prospective construction candidates to determine whether or not they would be a good addition to their team.  

1. Ready for the Basics?  

Ask about any previous construction-related experience. Even if they’re new to the industry, you’ll need to make sure that they can meet the basic working requirements, especially minimum lifting parameters for weight and other relevant physical abilities.  

2. Construction Site Concerns?  

Managers look for a number of qualities when seeking construction talent. Some will be willing to train green workers; others need to hit the ground running with experienced laborers. Know your expectations, and ask about concerns. Newer employees may be worried about long hours, physical requirements, or safety provisions.  

3. Disagreements with the Boss?  

Conflict on a construction site isn’t productive. Hiring managers want to avoid the drama and find team players. When interviewing potential construction workers, ask how they handle conflict, specifically with a direct supervisor.  

4. Are You Safety-Savvy?  

Adhering to mandatory safety standards is crucial in the construction industry. You need to assess new recruits to determine if they’re familiar with OSHA regulations and willing to learn the ropes.  

5. Are You Self-Sufficient?  

Many construction positions require your hires to feel comfortable with very little hands-on supervision. Ask applicants to provide an example of a time where a worker had little or no direction professionally, and if they were still able to manage a successful outcome.  

6. Are You Prepared For Unpredictable Hours?  

Being upfront with your candidates will help weed out those that are unprepared for work on a construction site. Although you don’t want to intimidate potential employees, it’s important that they are fit for the difficult task at hand.   

7. Have You Made Suggestions On The Job?  

To separate the newbies from the seasoned construction workers, ask questions about their input in previous construction positions. Have them tell you about a time they made a suggestion on the job or how it was implemented. Most novice construction workers won’t be able to provide a great response, but one that can will likely have the experience you seek.  

8. Ready to Travel?  

Construction pros know that the job site isn’t always just around the corner. No comfy office settings here – your construction crew will need to be out on the job, often several miles away or in a less-traveled area. Make sure new crew members are equipped for this, and plan for questions about mileage and transportation.  

9. Precarious Situations?  

Construction calls for tight squeezes, altitudes, hazardous weather, and more. Try to gauge an applicant’s comfortability level with uncomfortable situations. If your next project involves a high-rise building, you probably don’t want to worry about a phobia of heights. Ask if they’ve worked in unconventional environments or if they’re prepared to adapt to new working scenarios.   

10. How Quickly Can You Adapt to Tech?  

Teaching software – existing and new – can be a huge learning curve. You won’t expect every new hire to know your processes, but you’ll need them to catch on quickly. Identify fast learners by asking applicants if they have previously transitioned to new software, and how effectively they were able to do so.  

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