Innovative Tips & Tricks to Help You Be a Better Electrician


You work as an electrician can help individuals and companies continue their essential operations. Any electrician in the field can benefit from some smart advice on stepping up their game. Here are some quick, innovative, and creative tricks that can help electricians do a better job in the field.  

PVC and Tight Spaces  

Working with PVC in a narrow area can be incredibly limiting. When you’re in a tight space or have limited mobility in a way that prevents you from using a handsaw on PVC, we’ve got a quick trick for you. Simply grab some string! While PVC is tough, it’s plastic. You can repeatedly use a length of string to “saw” through the PVC with a little elbow grease and a lot of friction.  

Box Knockouts  

Many electricians add wires to the box sheathed, but it’s actually the less efficient practice. Stripping your wires once they are in the box is more challenging. Leave yourself plenty of extra slack, measure carefully, and then strip the wires after they are in the box knockouts to save time in the long-run.  

Finding Studs and Small Items  

Tired of wasting batteries on a stud finder? Losing bits and pieces so you have to frequently stop what you’re doing? Here’s a trick: bring a heavy-duty magnet with you on jobs. A strong magnet can not only help you identify studs in a pinch – it can also detect other metal components. Plus, it can pick up tiny screws or metal parts as you work.  

Broken Bulbs  

When a bulb breaks in a socket, you know you’re in trouble. Managing that broken glass while trying to extract the bulb base can be dangerous and tricky. We recommend using a metal tool to clean out as much junk from the area as possible, eliminating broken glass and particles. Then, try inserting the new bulb into the socket in reverse, screwing the opposite way until the old piece unscrews for a successful release.  

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