What to Expect From an Electrical Apprenticeship


Are you considering electrical work for your future professional path? A career as an electrician can be rewarding, both personally and financially. But you need to do your research – you won’t be able to simply apply to an electrician job; you’ll need information and training. We can help you get started today – here’s what you can expect from an electrical apprenticeship and how your career can grow from there.  

How Do I Land an Electrical Apprenticeship?  

First, you’ll need to show initial academic prowess. A high school diploma is typically required, as well as preliminary coursework in algebra, trigonometry, physics, shop, and mechanical drawing classes. Employers in the field will also be looking for the soft skills that make a great electrician. These can include time management, flexibility, problem-solving, and a host of other abilities that show your personability on the job.   

Trade School Pathways  

Electrician trade school will be the next step for most, but search through programs thoroughly. Some programs supply an associate’s degree, while some simply provide a certification. Depending on your needs or aspirations, you may need a formal certification or proof of advanced education. Make sure you know what you want and see that the program you select will meet your needs.  

The Experience  

For a non-union apprenticeship, you can search for openings more similarly to how you’d seek any other position through online postings or contacting an agency directly. For a union job, you’ll need to pass an aptitude test given through the union, and then upon passing, you’ll be contacted for an interview. Once you obtain an electrical internship, you’ll be doing some grunt work, of course, but you’ll gain on-the-job experience while getting paid, which can’t be beat.  

Find an Electrical Apprenticeship Today!

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