8 Important Softskills for Plumbers


Collaborating effectively out in the field doesn’t come easily to every plumber. To stand out in this industry, it’s not just about wrenches and labor – you need to show a different side of your professionalism. Softskills are the “people” skills that successful experts employ to show prowess, as opposed to hard skills like strength and dexterity. These are the top soft skills to employ as a plumber.  

1. Listening  

Truly taking the time to make someone feel heard will make all the difference in a service setting. Your clients want to maximize their experience and get more information about the plumbing fix they need, so hear them out!  

2. Communication  

Working effectively in an industry where customer service is important, and recommendations come by word of mouth requires clear and concise communication. Using jargon only plumbers would understand can be frustrating for customers, so explain each step carefully to limit mistakes and miscommunications. At your initial consult, walk the recipient of services through your timeline and the broad strokes of what you’re planning. If you need to purchase parts or extend your time, call the client to refer back.  

3. Negotiation  

Agreeing on a service contract will be a regular requirement of the job. Know how to leverage your worth as an expert while expecting the limitations you may encounter. Check out what rates are typical for your area, measure your abilities and achievements, and be sure to advocate for yourself.  

4. Teamwork  

While you’ll mostly be independent while on the job, plumbers are typically connected to a thorough network of other trades. You may be asked to cover a shift for another plumber or step in to consult on a particularly problematic plumbing problem.   

5. Patience  

Take your time with the situation as well as the client. A quick fix in plumbing is typically the wrong move, so the strongest plumbers have the patience to see a problem through, as well as working in harmony with a customer.  

6. Problem-Solving  

Even the most drastic plumbing problems have a solution, so problem-solving abilities are a must. You’ll get further knowing you can conquer any option and think about logistics ahead of time to anticipate issues. Plumbers need to be self-motivated since they are often solo on the job.  

7. Creativity  

Think outside the box while you’re on the job! Plumbers will often be called upon to provide new ideas and alternative solutions. If you’re tight on time or budget, think about different ways to effectively get the job done.  

8. Best Practices  

While hard skills are important, it’s also crucial to always comply with standard safety regulations set by accrediting bodies like OSHA. Maintain your credentials and always follow safety protocols and building or plumbing codes.  

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