The Importance of Communication for All Construction Jobs


Communication seems simple enough, until you’re out on the job waiting for instruction. You do not want to be the one holding up the entire project because you don’t know what the next step should be. Communicating with leadership isn’t always as straightforward as it seems, especially in an unpredictable industry like construction. Communication done poorly often feels like a game of telephone – if you’re not getting orders directly from your supervisor, they may trickle down to you with incorrect information.   

The Process  

On the site, there are many roles and responsibilities among professionals. Whether you’re a new apprentice or a project manager, everyone has somewhere to be and is likely relying on someone else to do their part in order for the project to continue as planned. This is why it is important to have a communication process. Ask your supervisor which people can give you orders, so you know where to receive information and which authority figure you should report information back to. A strong chain of command keeps the wheels of progress moving.  

The Method  

Construction requires quick messaging in both modern and traditional fashions. Sticking to a nonverbal cue like a hand signal for quick work is common, but you may be expected to communicate via walkie talkie or text message as well. The key to a great construction worker is versatility – show that you know how to master it all. Ask your boss what they expect so you can accurately accommodate. For example, if they tell you to expect phone calls, make sure your device is always charged!  

The Clarity  

The message needs to be crystal clear during a construction project. Make sure you are practicing active listening when you receive instructions for upcoming tasks: in the construction industry, you don’t have the luxury of popping back into your supervisor’s cubicle for clarification. If you are unsure of your assignment or how to effectively complete instructions, ask. If you don’t feel confident you can carry out a task, it is hazardous to move forward.   

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