How to Conduct Effective Performance Reviews for Your Crew


Construction projects don’t allow for a ton of time to reflect and revisit your team’s operations. It’s often a matter of tying up loose ends and immediately moving on to the next project. However, all employees value feedback, and you are likely required to review performance annually if not more frequently. Here are our top tips for managers to conduct impactful and effective performance reviews for members of their construction crew. 

Take the Time 

Construction is a hurried, practical industry. Your instinct as a construction manager may be to rate all of your employees “satisfactory” and get back to work. However, think about the implications of hasty reviews. Construction is also an industry of turnover. If you’re not spending the time to invest your energy in the team, you can expect them to head for the door. Schedule your performance reviews, allot a substantial amount of time for you and the employee to discuss any concerns, and be diligent. 

Measure Growth 

Your employee wants to know how you decide their success or failure. When new workers are hired and throughout their employment, affirm the standards to which you’ll compare their work and growth. If employees don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s impossible for them to succeed. Reflect internally on what metrics you want to measure, and include them in every employee’s job description. 

Maintain Documentation 

Your entire performance appraisal of employees needs to start and end with paperwork to guarantee transparency. Logging performance reviews will be helpful throughout an employee’s career, and can help you keep everything straight. If employee relations become strained, you can make notes of the tension and any processes you install to mediate it. Plus, documentation helps the next professional in your position and protects you against any liabilities.  

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