How to Keep You Construction Workers Safe & Healthy During COVID-19


Construction work is so crucial, and it doesn’t stop due to COVID-19. Here are the top things employers must do to ensure their construction workers keep themselves and their peers safe during the COVID pandemic. 

Prepare Before Each Shift 

Screening incoming employees with temperature checks and even COVID-19 testing before entry can make management and employees feel much more comfortable when on the job. You also want to extend your precautions to everyone involved in your construction site. Visitors like contractors and investors must be held to the same standards to keep everyone safe. 

Clean, Clean, Clean 

It only takes one outbreak to send your construction project into a screeching halt. There are a number of ways you can take precautions to sanitize. Any shared surfaces should be sanitized between uses, and hand washing and sanitizing stations are crucial to reducing potential exposure.  

Illness Policy 

You need an ironclad protocol regarding sickness to operate during a pandemic. Know exactly what you expect of your employees, and communicate it explicitly. There is no room for misunderstandings in the current corporate climate. Make sure you and your workers know what they need to do if they feel sick, how sick time will be utilized, and when you’ll determine it’s safe for them to return. 

Pandemic Protocols 

Maintaining all social distancing standards will be your top priority. To manage your team effectively, you’ll need to prioritize their safety. Workers need to wear appropriate masks, fitted properly, at all times. While maintaining a six foot distance from others may not always be possible on a construction site, it’s up to you to instill in your workers the importance of making the effort.  

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