10 Tips to Further Your Construction Career


Starting out in construction but looking for the long haul? Here are the top ten things that construction workers can do to develop and further your career. 

1. Be In It For The Long Haul 

Commitment is a sign of a strong construction staffer. Hiring managers see a lot of flakes and slackers, so to stay in the game you’ll have to make it clear that this isn’t a job, it’s a career for you. Emphasizing your dedication will get you ideal assignments.  

2. Don’t Cut Corners 

Veteran construction workers know that shortcuts compromise the quality of the project. If you want to be in it for the long haul, you’ll need to skip the hardheaded attitude to make sure you get invited back next time. Be thorough in your work.  

3. Reliability 

Construction work is dependent on a timeline. That’s why it’s extra important to bolster a reliable reputation. If you can stand out as the worker that arrives ten minutes early and never skips out on a shift, you’ll have a long career in the industry. 

4. Mind the Budget 

While your priority is to accomplish your daily tasks, you also want to be mindful of the vision for the project and the overall goals. Wasting time or materials will hurt the budget in the long run, so keep your eyes out for costly mistakes. 

5. Safety 

OSHA is no joke. Maintaining all safety standards is essential in an industry prone to hazards and incidents. All trainings and licenses should always be up to date. If you’re not sure about timing or training specifics, just ask. 

6. Positive Attitude 

Remain optimistic at all times. Your career depends on your ability to stay focused and keep the faith. No matter what your situation is, we encourage you to maintain a positive attitude to help you succeed on the job.  

7. Networking 

Construction can be about temporary gigs in the beginning. Starting out, you may find yourself hopping from one job to another, gaining more experience and learning the ropes. This means it’s important to network with your fellow crew to be apprised of up-and-coming opportunities.  

8. Ambition 

Added responsibilities show you can take on a challenge. This is exactly what construction recruits want to see. Project managers tend to see some turnover, so showing you can go above and beyond will make you the winning candidate.  

9. Innovation 

Creative thinking is a skill not often demonstrated on a job site for new professionals. We recommend finding every opportunity to think outside the box and prove you can find new solutions to existing problems.  

 10. Be a Team Player 

Helping others succeed is a necessity when it comes to project work. You’ll need to be able to cooperate to move forward.

We Can Help You Advance Your Career

For more ways to succeed with the team on the job and advance your career, check out CCS Construction Staffing today. 


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