5 Essential Tips for New Construction Workers


New to the crew? Getting up to speed in your first construction gig can be overwhelming, and it’s often a completely different experience from other jobs. You need to be vigilant and cautious while focusing on each task at hand. Duties can change from day to day. Needless to say, construction is never boring. Here are five important tips that all new construction workers should be aware of.  

1. Learning Experience 

Each day is an opportunity. Think of your first position in construction as a learning experience as much as possible. You are a sponge, and it’s up to you to soak up as much knowledge as you can. Trades and managers will expect you to adapt quickly and dive right in. You may feel stressed trying to keep up at a fast pace, but the more you can retain, the more you will benefit from this throughout your construction career. 

2. Do The Right Thing 

If you’re the new guy on the job site, it can be tempting to skip the sunscreen and relax on precautions. However, it’s important to maintain strong health and safety standards. Construction isn’t like other jobs where you can text your friends and be lax with safety precautions. Assume that you are in more danger than you are aware of, and heed the warnings of your colleagues and superiors.  

3. Skip Shortcuts 

It can be tempting to try to find a better, faster way to complete your tasks. You may see opportunities to cut corners, but construction is an industry where you need to resist the temptation. Construction is about triple-checking your work, thoroughly preparing, and working closely with your team to execute a task. 

4. Improve Your Reputation 

In construction, one of the primary attributes that can help your career is your reputation. If you are known to be a hard worker on the job, always abiding by safety requirements and completely reliable, you’ve got a better chance at impressing potential employers. You don’t want your references to say you are a good employee — you want them to say you are phenomenal.  

5. Stay Committed 

Don’t let yourself get down if you’re not fitting right in at first. Construction is a tough gig and it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re falling behind at first. The most important thing is to stick with it. Once you’ve committed, you want to show you’re someone your boss can count on. When you get a break, take it, but remain focused on the work to prove you’re a part of the team. 

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