How to Measure the Productivity of Your Employees


Micromanaging is not the way to lead and encourage your team. However, you still want to monitor productivity. Great leaders strike a delicate balance of oversight and independence. Here’s how you can keep your team in check while empowering them to succeed.  

Measure By Task 

The first trap of measuring productivity is assuming you should measure by the number of hours an employee spends working on something. Efficiency isn’t just about the time a task takes – it’s about getting it done correctly. You wouldn’t want to hear that someone spent two hours working with  customers – you want to hear how many customers were served. Knowing how much was accomplished instead of how long it took is going to help you know if the right work is getting done. 

Set Standards 

Knowing what your employees do is important for a multitude of reasons. First, it helps you know what your employees are accomplishing and when there might be too much on their plate. Additionally, you can hire and train new employees more effectively when you know what the responsibilities will be and how long it will take them to manage them.  


Clearly communicating your expectations is the best way to solidify productivity. Your goals for your employees will not be achieved if you don’t present them. You want to develop trust and create a strong rapport with your employees to avoid any miscommunications about tasks or workloads. If you don’t know how long it takes to complete a daily duty, ask! You can understand how to motivate your employees more effectively if you have a strong back-and-forth with them. 

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