15 Apps that Will Improve Your Productivity at Work


Are you a job seeker focused on how to be more efficient? It’s a coveted trait for hiring managers, so if you’re looking for tools that can help you hone your ambition to impress an employer, here are 15 apps that can help employees improve their productivity on the job. 

Genius Scan 

If you work with documents, plus you’re usually on the run, you can benefit from using Genius Scan. This app allows you to snap a quick photo and PDF it instantaneously. You can save the documents, email them to yourself or someone else, or you can upgrade to GeniusScan pro to directly export to your favorite spots. 


Communicating on the go? Jabber can help you transform your personal cell into your work phone. With Cisco’s Jabber, you can redirect your office line to your mobile device. This is perfect if you want to be readily available when you’re not at your workspace. 


A go-to for those that need to share files, Dropbox is a tool for collective file dumps and access to all information an organization needs on hand. You can use this at the office or download the app on your phone for remote working as well. 

Google Keep 

Need more than just a to-do list? Google Keep can do it all. You can track to-dos and add reminders, but you can also collaborate with family members and coworkers. If you want to maintain a running supply list or ask colleagues to add agenda items to a list, share your Google Keep with them so they can hop right in. 


Another popular list tool, Trello, is a great functional add because you can create digital “cards” so you have multiple to-do lists categorized by color and subject. Send these cards to colleagues to stay in touch regarding what needs to get done on the job, and you’ll be all set. 


Use Toggl to completely master your 9-5, especially if you’re suffering from distractions. You can select categories and begin to document your time spent on each section. This gives you a bird’s eye view of any special opportunities or wasted time. 


Are you a visual person, especially while on the job? We guarantee that MindMeister will work for you. You can turn your current and future work ideas into full diagrams. Customizing your “mind maps” can help you see more clearly and expand your ideas as they grow. 


If you are preparing for a gig in a bustling open office setting and dread background noise, Noisli can be a great tool to keep you productive. White noise works for many people to help them concentrate on tasks when other sounds feel disruptive. 


Busy teams need doodle polls. This is a team favorite because it avoids a massive amount of back and forth when it comes to scheduling meetings. This device allows you to select potential time slots for a meeting, then allows for all participants to respond. No time wasted – just results and a plan! 


Looking for professional contacts? Try Shapr – a mash-up of LinkedIn and Tinder. You get access to real networking opportunities by pairing yourself with like-minded colleagues. If you need introductions, try this app to connect with others in a work setting. 

Grammarly Keyboard 

Do you find yourself frequently on the fly without spell check? If you want to stay professional even on the go, you need the Grammarly Keyboard. A quick download and you have a perfect grammar expert at your fingertips. With this, you will never confuse they’re, their, and there again. 


Use Flora to maintain your concentration during a time-consuming project. Whether you’re writing something or trying to stay focused during hands-on work, this app incentivizes you to stay on task with appealing floral motifs.  If you need to totally zero in on something at work, try gamifying it with Flora. 


If you’re not quite a list person and more of a “braindump” kind of worker, EverNote is the perfect dumping ground. You can create lists as needed, but you can also add photos and documents while on your phone that integrate seamlessly when you download EverNote to your workstation. 


Some workers like to take time to reflect and meditate during the day. For these individuals, try the Calm app. You’ll gain access to a number of relaxing and rejuvenating meditations to get your head straight for the remainder of the workday. 

Google Calendar 

Organizing your time is just as important as organizing your to-do list. Plus, you may want to try calendar blocking to get it all done. Use Google Calendar to schedule your meetings, or to plan each activity of your day to the hour for complete productivity. 

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