10 Ways to Increase Productivity at Your Construction Site


The nature of the construction industry can be tricky for workers – sometimes waiting for your next assignment can feel like a game of hurry up and wait. As we remain in the thick of construction season, here are the top ways that workers at a construction site can increase their productivity. 

1. Communication 

The number one issue on a construction site can be communication. Workers have to be in the know or the project doesn’t move forward. Try a group message via text or an app like GroupMe or WhatsApp. If you and your colleagues can’t always be typing back and forth, you may want to go old school with walkie-talkies. Find out the best way to stay in touch and utilize it.  

2. Organization 

Construction sites may feature multiple projects with moving parts. Stay on top of things by determining a great way to keep things organized. Sometimes, in construction, workers like to keep it old school with a system like a big job board where everyone can contribute updates, or a sticky note productivity system. You can also bring your colleagues into the modern era with dozens of apps that focus on organizing your time and prioritizing tasks. 

3. Competition 

Need a productivity boost? Try prompting a friendly competition and drive within your team by applying an incentive. Ask your supervisor about rewards to boost competition like company swag, workplace treats, or cold hard cash to encourage the team to succeed. 

4. Goal-Setting 

One way to keep your vision for the project on track with day-to-day operations is to set goals. Create goals for yourself for the day, the month, and the entire work season. This is especially important because motivation can be hard to come by when you’re completing long-term, menial tasks. Goal-setting helps you remain focused and understand the bigger picture. 

5. Training 

Make sure you’re up to date on all training, plus seeking out new knowledge. You need, at minimum, an annual OSHA refresher, plus updates on additional certifications or licenses you hold. Check OSHA’s website to see what learning options are available to you. 

6. Professional Development 

Speaking of learning options, your career growth is important too. You can be productive on the job by expanding your existing skills and abilities. By exploring networking opportunities and engaging in professional development trainings, you can empower yourself to engage in your current work or plan beyond it. 

7. Listen 

While you’re on-site, almost as important as communication is listening. Some confident veterans in the construction industry will assume they know what’s best, but this is exactly how accidents happen. To prevent safety incidents, be sure you are always listening, even if the task is not directly related to your current duties. In the construction industry, it’s not uncommon to have to step in at a moment’s notice.  

8. Monitor Materials 

Laborers usually utilize a number of tools and materials on-site, and this should include responsible usage. Focus on the cost of the operation. Rookie mistakes, like misusing supplies or losing materials, can totally cut back on productivity and damage the ability to move forward on the job.   

9. Effective Management 

Make sure you’re communicating with your supervisor and getting everything you need to keep the project moving. Construction work is subjected to some miscommunication that can hold up an entire project. If you’re waiting on your manager for the go-ahead on something, make sure they know. You don’t want to add a week to the schedule because someone was waiting on your information. 

10. Support 

Supervisors are responsible for making sure you are given the opportunity to prove your worth on the job site. Ask your boss for support, especially when you most need it. Request time off when you need it, or flexible scheduling when possible. It may not be granted, but it’s important to seek out avenues in which you can feel confident, supported, and productive. 

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