6 Questions to Ask Candidates During a Phone Interview


You’ve sorted through applications and resumes, and you’ve made the calls: It’s time for phone interviews. But are you prepared? Hiring managers execute many, many phone screens during the hiring cycle. If you don’t have your interview questions down pat, you’ll want to come up with a reliable script so you’re always prepared to evaluate potential employees. Here are CCS Construction Staffing’s top questions employers should ask candidates during job interviews. 

1. What Made You Apply? 

Learning a candidate’s motivation for seeking your position can give you a ton of insight and help you assess fit right off the bat. As a hiring manager, you’ll want to bring in team members that mesh well and can create a team atmosphere that breeds success.  

2. What Are Your Credentials? 

If you’re hiring a specific trade for a position, make sure they are licensed and approved to operate. This includes experience on any special equipment, or proof of certification that they’ve been appropriately trained. 

3. What Experience Do You Have? 

This is a pretty basic question, but it’s important to leave it open-ended. Asking this will hopefully give them the opportunity to elaborate on their relevant work experience, as well as any other qualities that may help you identify leadership potential. 

4. What Motivates You? 

To determine some deeper values of an interviewee, ask them about their motivation. Leave it open – let them take the question in a direction that may reveal even more. Take notes on any extra skills or abilities they mention, and make sure they talk about more than just a paycheck. 

5. What’s Your Biggest Challenge? 

Candidates will be prepared to answer a question about their weaknesses. But their reply can clue you in – if they sound overly rehearsed, or they answer with something that’s not a weakness, it may not be a good fit. You want to hire someone that can admit to their faults and describe how they work to overcome them. 

6. Why Are You Leaving Your Current Role? 

This question goes hand-in-hand with motivation. If you ask this question, you can weed out any applicants that are looking for a quick cash grab, or that don’t seem committed to your mission. While candidates may sometimes be guarded in their answers, asking can help you assess their situation and if they are ready to join your team. 

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