Common Interview Questions for Welders


Great news – you’ve finally got the call for a welding interview! But how can you guarantee you nail it so you can land the position? It’s all about interview prep. If you can anticipate interview questions and prepare your answers in advance, you’ll increase the probability of success. Here are some common interview questions for welders, and tips on how a candidate can answer those questions. 

What Training Do You Have? 

First, employers will expect you to explain your level of expertise and certification. Your interviewer will want to hear about your experience, especially any special situations you’ve been trained for. Additionally, they will want to confirm you are appropriately certified so you are not a liability to the organization. Make sure you discuss your experience with confidence, and use specific examples to give the employer concrete references to your work performance.  

What Challenges Have You Faced? 

Recruiters want to hire problem-solvers and forward-thinkers. You will likely get questions about welding challenges you have faced, and your plan of action to deal with obstacles. Welders often have to switch gears and adapt outside of the original plan, so demonstrate your ability to think on your feet with scenarios pulled from your own experiences.  

How Do You Prioritize Safety On The Job? 

The most talented trades must still abide by all safety regulations and protocols. Some workers will be interested in cutting corners to save time, and this is exactly what employers are trying to avoid. Your candidate should not only uphold OSHA standards. They should enforce it among any staff they will supervise. Show an interviewer that you don’t just know the rules – you respect them. 

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