National Safety Month: Personal Protective Equipment for Welders


Welders: we’re here for you. Taking care of all-important welding work is crucial to the infrastructure of the United States. For National Safety Month, we want to zero in on what trades need to remain secure. Today we’re talking about the gear it takes to stay safe when it comes to welding. Here is what you need to know about personal protective equipment: 

Eye Protection 

Your eyes need to be protected by a welding mask at all times when your flame is on. Make sure your helmet fits well and is equipped accurately. If not, goggles or safety glasses with side shields need to be on. Welding produces intense arcs that can create dangerous damage to the eye area. Avoid wearing contact lenses when welding 

Skin Protection 

To ensure you avoid burns and other hazards of welding, you must protect the body’s largest organ – the skin! Start with flame-resistant clothing, long sleeves and long pants. Add your apron to protect from high heat and burns. Don’t forget boots and gloves for any remaining exposed skin to prevent direct contact with open flames or even electric shock. Third-degree burns can happen more quickly than you think. You can also protect yourself from UV Radiation by wearing thick, tightly woven clothing and making sure your welder’s helmet is opaque. 

Lung Protection 

Breathing in anything bad is going to do damage that is easily avoidable. To practice self-welding, you need a good respirator. Fumes and oxides can go unnoticed if you’re only worrying about flames. If you’re at risk of oxygen deficiency or you need to avoid welding fumes, make sure your respirator is in compliance. 

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