Controlling Construction Costs 5/5: Constant Communication


If you ask the top ten construction gurus in the United States what the most important aspect of construction work is, most of them would tell you it’s communication. There is an immense amount of moving parts to each job, so it’s crucial to have a stream of information being relayed at all times. As the fourth installment of CCS Construction Staffing’s Controlling Construction Costs series, we’re talking about… talking! Here’s how you can stay in touch in and around the construction site. 

Why Communicate? 

Are you wondering what makes contact such an important part of this job? It’s simple. Communication predicts success. Never assume your newer employees know what to do or when to do it. For a unified team, you need to build rapport. This means developing trust between you and your workers, plus trust internally among the entire team.  

Best Methods 

When implementing a communication system, think about what will work best for your team’s unique needs. First, think about your workforce and job expectations. Does your crew consist of savvy millennials, or do you have a diverse group that requires a simple approach? For the masses, a simple bulletin board system might be enough to show each employee what their tasks are for the day and how it corresponds to the rest of the job. If you’re working remotely, perhaps email, text message, or Slack or Skype could be more efficient. 

How You Benefit 

Don’t forget that managers benefit from a communicative team as well. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to run your team. If those that report to you feel they can trust you and come to you with issues, you’ll see a decrease in conflict and mixed messages. Additionally, teams that talk are more productive. So much work time can be wasted when employees at a construction site are waiting on someone else to hear what comes next. And when you can communicate directly with your employees to tell them what you need, you won’t miss the mark.

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