What Should You Wear to an Electrician Interview?


Your electrician training has led you to a new job opportunity. Your resume looks great and an interview has been requested. But it can be difficult to determine what attire is appropriate for your interview as a blue-collar worker. You may be used to a very casual outfit for your daily jobs, but you’ll need to step it up to impress a potential employer. 

Show Practicality 

During an interview, you want to show that you understand the demands of the job – squatting, bending, sometimes twisting yourself into tight spaces. That’s why you’ll typically wear comfortable gear. During an interview, you’ll want to show that you are comfortable in your role and have practical sensibilities. However, it’s also essential to show your professional side.  


For an electrician interview, we want to help you strike the balance between practiced tradesperson and professional potential hire. This means close attention to detail and knowing your audience. A more casual outfit is acceptable, to an extent. Skip the suit! To display your formal side, consider a comfortable button-down shirt with a clean shirt underneath. Slacks that look clean and pressed are advisable. Polished shoes and neat overall appearance are also recommended. We want to encourage a look that has casual pieces, but is ironed and cleaned to an extent worth of an interview setting. 

Prepare for Your Location 

Note the area you may be asked to work in. Many industrial electricians may want to wear more lightweight attire due to a hot factory or warehouse environment. You may need to include steel-toed boots into your wardrobe decision. If you’re not sure what you’d need, ask the hiring manager or do a thorough review of the company website to obtain as much information as possible.  

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