The Hard and Soft Skills to Identify in Your Next Plumbing Hire


Teaching a new team member doesn’t have to be a challenge if you make the right hiring decisions. Interviewing in the plumbing industry may have you struggling for the best way to know who to bring into your team. A resume isn’t enough these days – you need to know the hard and soft skills it takes to do the job and be a great recruit. 

Hard Skills 

When you’re looking to hire in the plumbing industry, you want proven trades. Identify workers that have the skills you need to see, such as experience working with blueprints and any certifications required by plumbers in your state. Additionally, you want to see basic strength and maneuvering abilities: the ability to hold parts up for a sustained amount of time, being able to be confined to one position during a task, and ability to bear some weight and have full control of the wrists and arms.  

Soft Skills 

While it can be hard to quantify soft skills before you’re on the job, an employer needs to know how a new hire will perform. Most importantly, how effectively they can interact with others. For example, you want to be certain your plumbing hire makes customers feel comfortable. This means they need the plumbing knowledge to confidently execute a job, and also the ability to translate jargon into something everyday folks can understand.  

Finding the Right Fit 

If you are new to managing a team, it can be hard to know what to look for when recruiting. An interview can be telling, but it doesn’t always share the full story. This is particularly true if you’re not asking the right questions. When you are ready for more hiring tips, CCS Construction Staffing can help out. As the top Southeast staffing firm in the construction industry, we know what it takes to hire and onboard high-quality recruits. We can help you identify top talent and get the ball rolling, so contact us today 

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