How to Get a Job as a Pipe Welder


Are you looking for an end to monotonous construction gigs or menial data entry? A career as a pipe welder can be lucrative and rewarding if you stick with it, with an income range in the mid-to-high five figures. If you’re not the type to settle for a 9-5 job in a cubicle, you want to consider being a pipe welder. Whether you’re scaling a mountain or digging underground, every day will bring a new adventure. If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and take on a new challenge, here’s how you can get a job as a pipe welder. 

Step One: Guidance and Training 

Your first task won’t be to apply to job listings, but instead to find an apprenticeship or training program. You’ll need to work side-by-side with a mentor in order to develop necessary pipe welding skills. A lot of learning is involved, and most of it will be on-the-job training. Don’t expect to apply to a posting without experience. You’ll need to pass certification tests to prove your merit, so study early to prepare. No knowledgeable manager will take on a “pipe welder” that doesn’t have the necessary credentials. 

Step Two: Show Your Skills 

Dedication and commitment are important tools for pipe welders to wield. There’s no quit in a job like this. Hiring managers will also want to know you can handle intense situations and problem-solve on the spot. If you’re in an interview for a pipe-welder position, appeal to them by utilizing specific examples of your pipe welding experience. Don’t just tell them you’re reliable or hard-working, show them with stories. Talk about the time two guys bailed on the job and you managed to finish the project anyway. Or share with them how you implemented a new method to maximize efficiency. Give an employer a reason to hire you, and you’ll never miss out on the job.  

Step Three: Adjust Your Expectations 

Knowing the job is going to help you be the most desirable candidate for an open position. You need to show you are ready for everything the job entails: this can include high-pressure scenarios, traveling the nation, and working under extreme weather conditions. Also, if you are just entering the field, know that it takes some experience before you’re making a wage near a six-figure salary.  

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