Controlling Construction Costs 4/5: Tactical Labor 


If you are looking to strengthen your construction force, you need CCS Construction Staffing. Our experts are helping construction hiring managers navigate through our Controlling Construction Costs series. For the fourth part of our series, we’re discussing tactical labor and how you can maximize the potential of your staff. 


Versatile Staff 

A multifaceted construction trade is incredibly valuable on any job site. You can transform your workers into versatile trades by giving them access to the tools and resources they need to learn new skills. By reinforcing the abilities your workers already have and adding new ones, you can diversify your workforce without new hires. Reskill and upskill so you don’t have to look outside your organization to expand your skillset. 


Qualified, Trained Technicians 

Your experts need to walk the walk. Having licensed, seasoned trades on site is the best way to keep your labor costs low. Hiring a shady contractor can cost you tons of time and money, so be sure to bring on the right technician the first time you recruit. During an interview or referral, ask about previous work and any official certification to back up their credibility to guarantee this worker is a good match for your project. 

Accurate Estimation 

To control your labor costs, it’s essential to stay on schedule and remain on track with the bid. That’s why an accurate estimate is so important. Whether you’re a project manager or you work with an estimator, start your construction project off strong by carefully guesstimating your labor expectations. If your numbers are off from the start, there will be no way to come in under budget and boost your profits.  


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